August 25, 2014

My Boss Pulled the Maze Game Prank on Me

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I had seen the first maze game, but the maze game 2 was new to me. It had been so long since I had been pranked with the first one that I really did not expect what was about to happen to me. It was actually my boss that pulled it this time. I think that is partially why it got me so good.

He pulled me in his office to show me something that he had found. He said that he had found this game that he thought his wife would really enjoy, but he wanted me to give it a try to see if she would be able to do it without getting too mad at it. I guess that she is a lot like me and gets frustrated and mad at the computer when playing games to the point where she wants to throw the computer across the room. I can totally relate with that because I have gone so far as to throw the mouse across the room after my fourth of fifth attempt at playing a game that my daughter showed me.

Well, I sat down in his chair to give that game a try. I started working my way through the maze and it was making me happy that I was able to do it. I thought that it would be the perfect game for his wife. Just as I was about to open my mouth to say that he should go ahead and give it to her, the thing scared the living crap out of me. I let out a screech that the entire office heard. In guess that I was the first person that he got with it and the sound sent everyone running to see what had happened. I have since earned the nickname “Screech” at the office and will never live it down.

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