December 1, 2014

How Internet Speed Affects Your Online Gaming

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In the world of gaming online, your reflexes often make the difference between victory and defeat. Beyond your own skills, however, there is another crucial factor that plays into your dominance in the online arena: Your internet speed. Even fractions of a second can make a big difference in your games, and this is particularly true when playing high-skill games like League of Legends. To ensure the best shot a win, many players purchase high speed internet plans to give them that edge when playing online.

Cost is certainly a consideration when deciding on a plan that works best for you, but thankfully many service providers are offering a variety of affordable bundles. Frontier is one such provider, and consumers are able to obtain fast, reliable internet speeds without needing to empty their wallets to do so. Other benefits of having a faster internet connection include utilizing streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. For those of us who work at home, a high speed plan leads to a more efficient work day. Whereas many other firms in the industry charge a monthly rental fee for a modem, Frontier is happy to provide one free of charge. The cost of high speed internet plans is likely to continue to decrease, given the increased demand for them in recent years, so it is always best to stay informed on your options as a consumer.

It is important to note that a faster internet connection will not ultimately mean you’ll be topping the charts when going up against fierce competition in your online gaming sessions, but at the very least you’ll be on equal ground with your opponents sharing your low latency. Reducing lag helps to keep you at your best in gaming, and could give you a small edge for those who stick to a more traditional option.

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