August 25, 2014

Easiest Photo Scanning Software for Noobs

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I need to figure out what sort of photo scanning software to get for my Mom. She has a really nice photo printer that I got her for her birthday in November, but so far she has not been able to get very good results out of it. She has a bit of technical ability and she is plenty smart, but the software that came with the printer just seems to be very difficult to get good results from. I have tried it myself and I suppose that in time you would be able to learn the nuances of it and be able to overcome the problems we have encountered with it. However in the short term it is going to be very expensive to learn those lessons.

Of course in theory you save a good bit of money in making your own photo prints and you get to do exactly what you want when you want. However that only counts if you do it right and if you only end up throwing away the valuable paper that you need or wasting all of the ink, then that is not going to make it worth your time. However this is more of a hobby and my Mom is not overly concerned about the learning curve or the money that it costs her to figure out what she is doing. She has been taking pictures as long as anyone can remember and right now she is mostly retired, although she is working a part time job as a secretary at her church. She has been spending a whole lot of time on it and she has been working up to where she is a really good digital photographer. Of course she has figured out how to post her pictures on the web a long time ago.

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