August 14, 2012

Bored at Work, Looking for a New Game to Play

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I am at work right now, and there is still a couple of hours before I will be able to get off and go home. I am hoping that I will be able to find a new flash game to play on my web browser in order to keep my occupied for the rest of my day. I can’t really find anything worth reading on the Internet, so I am going to play a game. My co-worker told me about Raft Wars 4, a game that he had apparently been playing while in his free time at work over the past couple of days.

I will probably check it out in a little while, but I am also going to look around to see if there might be other games that sound fun to play. I have played a lot of these flash games before, and I am hoping that I will be able to find a game that has the ability to keep me occupied for awhile. A lot of the games I have played don’t captivate me as much as I might like. I am hoping that this raft wars game will be different.

The game certainly sounds interesting enough, I guess I should look and see what it is about, and what the game play is like. I can’t really do it at this moment though, because my boss is pretty close by, and it would not do to have him discover me playing a game while I am at work. No doubt, I will have to appear busy whenever he comes to talk to me, which I am almost certain he will do. Truth be told though, I have already finished all of my work for the day, but unfortunately, I just can’t flat out tell him that.

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