August 19, 2014

Always Finding a New Game to Waste Time

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My job is really boring me recently. Actually it is the lack of work which bores me. If I did not have to be at my desk for 40 hours per week I could probably do all of my work in about half the amount of time that I spend in the office. The problem is that we never really know when there will be work and we have to keep up with it. I spend half the time at work playing maze games which have become my new obsession. I have found a lot of good web pages which specialize in web based games in the many hours which I spend trekking through cyberspace.

Yesterday I may have spent about six hours playing a particularly difficult maze video game. I was incredibly bored because there was absolutely nothing to do and I tried out this maze that was advertised as being the most difficult that they had. I suspect that it was pretty much as difficult as any which I have a desire to play. I went back to the easier mazes this morning. It was just too frustrating to spend quite that long losing to the maze. I may get better at the mazes, but for now I will be content to solve the ones which I can solve without undue mental strain. I do not need to get overwrought because of a silly video game. I would love to find a job where I was more fully employed. Playing games all day is actually very unsatisfying to me. I feel like I should be doing something more productive with the time that I have spend sitting at my desk. Some days I am so bored that I clean out the bathroom and do stuff like that to fill the time.

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